St. Marka Church in Zagreb 札格瑞布聖馬可教堂
Europe | 歐洲

St. Marka Church in Zagreb 札格瑞布聖馬可教堂



Luckily encountered “return the past” characters by Art University students in old costumes in front of St. Marka Church.



I remembered the very first time when I saw the photo of this church; that was in the Christmas market in Strasbourg.  There’s a promo stall of Croatia and they gave me some souvenirs including a postcard with picture of this church.  I saw the beautiful tiles on the church roof and thought “I must go there some day!”


第一次見到這教堂是我在2013年史特拉斯堡的聖誕市集中。那裏剛好有一攤克羅埃西亞的宣傳攤位,他們送了我一些紀念品其中包含一張有聖馬可教堂的明信片。當時我就下定決心有一天一定要來這裡看看。非常好! 美夢成真了~

So here I am!


via amarylliss。艾瑪[隨處走走]

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